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  • What are the advantages of multi-directional forklifts compared to side loaders?

    What are the advantages of multi-directional forklifts compared to side loaders?

    First, let me introduce the definitions of multi-directional and four-directional. Multi-directional, as the name implies, can drive the equipment in any direction, not only forward and backward, left and right, but also in a straight line at any angle. And it can turn around 360°(As the first picture shows.) Four-directional, it can only drive in four directions, forward, backward, left, and right. But some MiMA four-way forklifts also have a 360°turning function. There are two types of multi-directional forklifts on the market—internal combustion and electric. Combilift is the most representative of the former. Hubtex and MiMA are the most outstanding in the latter. Side loaders are mainly internal combustion, and the most representative is still Combilift, an expert in this field. Heli, Hangcha, and other forklift factories produce this model, characterized by larger tonnage than multi-directional forklifts. For outdoor long material handling, it looks like a truck. The multi-directional forklift, with relatively small tonnage, is used for indoor and outdoor long material transfer and long material indoor stacking. First of all, the long material forklift needs to consider the passageway indoors. Relatively speaking, the body volume is small, and the passageway is narrow. Take the indoor stacking into consideration, and it is equipped with electric steering, which is more flexible and easy to operate than the hydraulic steering of the side loader. In addition, the side loader can only drive sideways, there is no change in the direction of travel, and the ability to travel in the front is discarded. And it is specially used for handling long materials. The multi-directional forklift has a variety of driving modes, which can go straight, sideways, diagonally, turn in place, and turn at right angles. It would help if you asked why there are so many functions, which is to ensure efficient stacking in the warehouse. When you stack long materials, it is necessary to walk sideways. When you leave the shelf and enter the central aisle, the straight driving vision is better and more convenient for obstacle avoidance. When you finish stacking the goods on the shelf, you want to take off the goods on the other side. Rotating in place can help you save time; when you need to take shortcuts, you don't need to turn because it uses the diagonal function to walk the longest side of the right triangle. These functions are convenient and can ensure your work efficiency. In addition, there are problems in the use process. Most of the multi-directional forklifts are electric, which have low noise, no pollution, low power consumption, and low maintenance costs during use. The side loaders, mainly internal combustion, are noisy, polluting heavily, and the cost of use is much higher than that of electricity. In addition, we are equipped with a driving wheel position display and a wireless camera to ensure the safety of driving and stacking. They are equipped with ad...
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  • MiMA provides a one-stop AGV forklift body service

    MiMA provides a one-stop AGV forklift body service

    In logistics, manufacturing, warehousing and other industries, forklifts are called "the main force in the material handling industry" , which are mainly used for loading and unloading, stacking and short-distance transportation of goods. In the era of "machine substitution" , factories have begun the process of automation, and more and more unmanned forklifts have begun to be put into practical use. As the central part of the unmanned forklift, the forklift AGV body is also quietly flourishing. Founded in 1994, MiMA forklift is located in Hefei City, Anhui Province, which is a high-tech enterprise specializes in designing and manufacturing of electric forklifts and special logistics equipment. MiMA factory covers an area of 51,800 square meters and has more than 400 employees. The technology center has an R & D team of more than 60 people, and more than 40 professional designers with more than 8 years of professional design experience. MiMA forklift has been involved in the hardware market of AGV forklift trucks since 2015 and developed the AGV forklift body into a part of the company's business. Today, MiMA forklift has become a mature technology in designing, developing, producing and manufacturing of a full range of AGV forklift bodies. At present, the MiMA AGV forklift bodies cover electric pallet trucks, pallet stackers, reach trucks, three-way stackers, multi-directional side loaders and tractors, etc., and provide customers with customized solutions for AGV forklift bodies. The following are two new AGV forklift trucks developed by MiMA: 1. MKV35-3.5T electric counterbalanced AGV forklift body with super large diameter solid rubber tires Main features of MKV35: 1). Rated capacity is 3500kg, lifting height is 3-6meters; 2). Double-drive electromagnetic brake, strong power and high efficiency; 3). Special design of AGV body, AGV restructuring is fast and convenient; 4). Four-wheel solid rubber tires for both indoor and outdoor use. 2. MBV25-2.5T 3-wheel counterbalanced AGV forklift body with super large diameter solid rubber tires Main features of MBV25: 1). Rated capacity is 2500kg, lifting height is 3-6meters; 2). All-wheel electromagnetic brake, high safety; 3). Special design of AGV body, AGV restructuring is fast and convenient; 4). Four-wheel solid rubber tires for both indoor and outdoor use. If you are interested in our new model MKV35 or MBV25 electric counterbalanced AGV forklift body, please don’t hesitate to contact MIMA for more details. Relying on a strong scientific research and innovation team, MiMA forklift has profound technical reserves in designing, researching, and developing of forklift trucks. Whether it is a standardized forklift truck or a customized forklift truck, MiMA can quickly achieve as long as the customer requests. As a professional factory with over 20 years of production experience in the material handling industry, MiMA forklift has matured the manufacturing technology of AGV forklift body, and the e...
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  • What Is An Articulated Forklift

    What Is An Articulated Forklift

    If you require additional warehouse space, you have two options -extend your existing facility or move premises. But, with an articulated forklift, you have a third option. By optimizing your racking layout, reducing aisle widths to as little as 1.9m, you can increase your storage capacity with your existing facility dramatically. What is an articulated forklift? Articulated forklift, also known as swing head truck. It is another type of VNA forklift. It is also called Very Narrow Aisle articulated forklift. It is mainly used for high storage density warehouses, and it is a forklift truck for continuous operation in and out of the warehouse. There are different swing head angles of articulated forklifts on the market at present, such as 180 degrees, 190 degrees, 200 degrees, and 210 degrees. The larger the swing angle, the smaller the aisle requirement. SMALLER AISLES MEAN MORE RACKINGS. The articulated forklift has the advantages of a counterbalance forklift and a VNA 3-way pallet stacker. It can reduce workflow with less fleet needed. The articulated forklifts can effectively increase storage capacity by 50% compared to counterbalanced forklifts and 30% compared to reach truck. Articulated forklifts are your best choice, whether in terms of purchase cost, labor cost, or storage capacity. Small aisle – as narrow as 1.9m –The articulated forklift increases and maximizes storage capacity. One truck, dual usage, users can increase productivity and eliminate time-consuming double handling, and speed up “truck to rack” operations. Advantages of very narrow aisle articulated forklift: 1. Flexible operation, fast running speed, and high efficiency. The articulated narrow-aisle forklift moves in a straight line along the aisle. When picking up the goods, the body does not need to turn the whole vehicle 90°, and it does not need to move forward and backward several times in the narrow space to adjust the angle of the fork. 2. The articulated narrow aisle forklift does not need to turn the driver’s head when driving, walking, and lifting in the same direction. Operating on other models, side-seat driving may cause fatigue and sprains. Typically the driver’s head is twisted more than 45° for 50% of the driving time. 3. Use environmentally-friendly rubber solid anti-wear tires, slight wear on the ground, no dust. Other models use PU roller tires, which have a vast wheel pressure and cause significant friction and damage to the ground, resulting in a large amount of warehouse dust. 4. The articulated narrow-aisle forklift can be used indoors and outdoors, and it can be used on ordinary ground without special modification. Why Choose MIMA Articulated Forklift? MiMA designed and started to sell articulated forklifts in 2013. We have sold thousands of articulated forklifts, and there are many cases for customers to refer to. With our rich experience, we will definitely be able to choose an articulated forklift that is most suitable for your warehouse. Following...
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  • MIMA electric forklift will focus more on the development and sales of the narrow aisle and special models of electric forklift

    MIMA electric forklift will focus more on the development and sales of the narrow aisle and special models of electric forklift

    As a high-tech enterprise established in 1994, Hefei Banyitong Technology Development Co., Ltd. (MIMA brand) specializes in the design, development, and production of various types of electric forklifts. Since 2010, it has begun to design and sell narrow aisles and special models. At present, there are more than 1,500 units in the market. The company has a group of technical R&D engineers with rich design experience, involving materials, electrical, hydraulic, structure, test verification, etc., and has strong technical advantages in narrow roadways and special models. Narrow aisle models mainly refer to a class of trucks that can be used in relatively narrow warehouse aisles. The size of the aisle is usually less than 2 meters, which can save warehouse space, provide warehouse storage capacity, and save warehouse investment costs for customers. At present, the main narrow aisle models include 3-way electric pallet stacker MC/MCA/MCC series, multi-directional forklift MQ/MQB/MQD/MQC/MQ/TFC series, and articulated forklift MJ series. The 3-way electric pallet stacker is currently divided into the MC/MCA series of people descending and the MCC series of people ascending, of which MCA belongs to the three-way electric pallet stacker that is driven by people. The load range of the MC series is 1 ton and 1.5 tons, the maximum lifting height is 9 meters, the core hydraulic components are equipped with imported brands, the gantry is designed with H-shaped channel steel and central guide rail, and the high-level stacking is more stable and accurate. The minimum stacking net aisle of the whole vehicle is only 1600mm, which greatly increases the warehouse capacity. The fork wireless video assistance system enhances the field of vision, and the operation is efficient and fast. Wheel display function, real-time display of the rotation angle of the driving wheel, easy for beginners to learn. The MCC series is the newly developed three-way, electric pallet stacker, with a rated load of 1.6 tons. It realizes the stacking and loading and unloading of goods on both sides of the roadway through 180° rotation of the fork and left and right side shifting. The cab can be lifted to carry out high-level picking operations. It has two operation modes: standing and driving, with good operating vision and functional expansion. With three emergency escape methods, when the vehicle is parked abnormally at a high position, the driver can escape in an emergency. The optional laser obstacle avoidance function can detect foreign objects in the front and rear of vehicles in the roadway to avoid collision and improve safety. The multi-directional forklift MQ/MQB/MQD/MQC/MQ/TFC series is mainly suitable for the field of long materials, and it is widely used in wood, pipeline, steel, and other industries. With independent control of four-wheel steering, it can go straight, sideways, diagonally, and turn on the spot, and has a smaller passage when running sideways. Dual-drive br...
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  • MiMA Electric Reach Truck delivered to overseas customer

    MiMA Electric Reach Truck delivered to overseas customer

    Recently, MiMA 7pcs Electric reach truck forklifts successfully delivered to a machinery enterprise in South Africa. Known as the "rainbow Nation," South Africa is located at the southern tip of the continent and has Africa's second largest economy. For this cooperation, MiMA has been highly praised by customers. MiMA Reach truck forklifts have been providing reliable service and performance in warehouses around the world, especially under narrow aisle conditions, MFZ series electric reach forklift with its compact structure and excellent lifting ability to play its powerful performance. Electric reach truck is suitable for medium storage density and high turnover, and can be stacked in narrow aisles. High-performance MFZ series Electric reach truck forklift mast with moving forward function, in the case of not moving the body to achieve more comfortable and safe storage of goods; High quality mast channel steel ensures the load capacity of the forklift. Imported brand AC motor provides strong power. more accurate control, more stable operation, high strength vertical gear box, super long service lift, through multi-layer testing of oil pump, cylinder and pipeline, to ensure the high reliability of the hydraulic system. American AMP waterproof connector and electrical parts of reliable quality, all wires and cables have reliable protection and fixation, greatly reducing electrical failure, high strength loading wheel design to ensure the stability of the reach truck. Working Easy Fully consider the man-machine engineering control table, the function button is convenient and easy to operate. Tilting fork makes pallet stacking work more simple and safe, at the same time the fork and pallet shelf separated is also more simple, effectively prevent the goods from slipping off the fork. the driving position of stand-on model is equipped with cushion to make driving more comfortable. More secure The Electric Reach Truck Forklift automatically decelerates when it meets the curve and has a strong overhead guard for safer driving. Emergency power off switch can easily cut off all power when the operation is out of control, to avoid emergency accidents, Anti-skid braking function prevents the forklift from sliding down when it runs on a slope; strong design for overhead guard, safer operation. Option Lithium battery- green storage for the future *Fast charging *Longer lift *Maintenance-free *Safety and green *High and low temperature resistant *Customization *Cost saving 70% When you use MFZ seated reach truck, you will enjoy many advantages for technology and ergonomics, including innovative pre-selection height technology, it can improve storage efficiency and accuracy. In the long run, you can save lots of operating costs. MiMA Brand Banyitong Science and Technology Developing Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise committed to the production, research and development and manufacturing of electric forklifts, after more than 20 years of unremitting struggle, ...
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  • MIMA participates in 2021 China Mobile Robot (AGV/AMR) Industry Development Annual Conference

    MIMA participates in 2021 China Mobile Robot (AGV/AMR) Industry Development Annual Conference

    From December 15th to 17th, the "2021 China Mobile Robot (AGV/AMR) Industry Development Annual Conference" hosted by China Mobile Robot And AGV Industry Alliance was held in Beijing Longxi Metropark International Conference Center! At this annual meeting, Fang Zijian, the chief technical engineer of BANYITONG SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT CO., LTD. introduced "A full range of professional AGV forklift bodies to meet the needs of complex indoor and outdoor conditions". And he shared MIMA's AGV forklift bodies application cases and solutions. Mr. Fang showed the different models and applications of MIMA's AGV forklifts and how MIMA's professional AGV forklifts help partners to handle materials efficiently. Different working conditions requires different models for material handling. MIMA can provide a full range of AGV forklifts to meet the different needs of complex indoor and outdoor unmanned handling conditions. In the future, MIMA will move forward together with the AGV industry, continue to develop and innovate, provide a comprehensive and professional AGV forklift body.
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  • MiMA material handling - man up turret truck

    MiMA material handling - man up turret truck

    Recently, MiMA MCC series 3 way electric stacker was delivered to a certain company in Zhejiang. This VNA forklift was highly praised by the customer. The working conditions are heavy, which requires the forklift to pick up the goods on the rack at 7.5 meters in the narrow aisle with a width of only 1.7 meters. And it needs the function of order picking. Mima MCC series man up turret truck can meet all requirements and is the first choice. MiMA MCC series very narrow aisle forklift truck is with lifting height of 11.2 meters and loading capacity of 1.6 tons. The compact design and superior handling performance of the forklift allow the operator to easily work in a very narrow aisle. In addition, Mima MCC series forklifts also have a variety of functions, which can easily cope with various application challenges in the warehouse, whether it is cargo storage, cargo picking or transportation in transit areas. MiMA narrow aisle man up forklift is with dual purposes of stacking and picking. It’s a good helper for you to achieve intensive storage, save costs, and increase productivity.
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  • MiMA attends CEMAT ASIA 2021

    MiMA attends CEMAT ASIA 2021

    CEMAT ASIA 2021 will be grandly opened in Shanghai New International Expo Center from October 26th to October 29th. MiMA will show you a variety of star models: 1.MCC man-up turret truck with load capacity 1.6ton, max. Lift height 11.2meters, 2.MCA seated type 3-way pallet stacker with load capacity 1.5ton, max. Lift height 10meters, 3.MJ series articulated forklift with load capacity 2 ton, max. Lift height 12.5 meters, 4.TFC35 series dual-drive multi directional forklift with load capacity 3.5ton, max. Lift height 8meters, 5.AGV forklifts Today, the construction of our MiMA booth has been completed, and all models have been assembled on site. MiMA will uphold our concept of ‘Min. space and Max. Benefit’  and will continue to show you better material handling equipments and provide you with professional material handling solutions.
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