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  • MIMA Forklift At WIN EURASIA 2019

    MIMA Forklift At WIN EURASIA 2019

    MIMA Forklift At WIN EURASIA 2019                                     Turkey WIN EURASIA was held as scheduled in Istanbul on March 14, 2019. In order to better respond to the national strategy of "Going Out" and "Belt and Road Initiative", better display the manufacturing capacity and technology level of Chinese material handling equipment on the international stage, and enter Turkeylocal market more comprehensively and quickly, Hefei Banyitong Science &Technology Developing Co., Ltd. taken 6 units MiMA forklifts to appear on the WIN EURAASIA, including seated type electric reach truck MFZ20, electric counterbalanced forklift MK15, electric stacker MB15, walking type electric stacker MBD10, electric pallet truck ME25 and walking type electric pallet truck MEW20, which constantly enhance MiMA forklift brand's popularity and recognition in Turkey. As the only Chinese forklift manufacturer participating in the exhibition, MiMA is not inferior. All the exhibited models have withstood the test of Turkey's major professional forklift companies, which let our customers witness MiMA's super performance-price ratio, so that they are more confident to establish a long-term cooperation with Chinese brands Over the past 20 years, MIMA brand has been making progress continuously, relying on the company's strong scientific research and innovation team and taking "safety, durability, comfort, low carbon (environmental protection)" as the design concept, providing customers with 500KG-100T application solutions, storage equipment and related services. Through continuous technological innovation and patent accumulation, our products have involved more than 50 varieties of 12 major categories, such as electric pallet truck, pallet stacker, reach truck, ,counterbalanced forklift towing tractor, low and high level order picker, VNA trilateral forklift, 4-directiional and multi-directional reach truck, AGV automatic guide trucks, unmanned aisle stacker and customized logistics equipment. MIMA brand products are widely used in medicine, food, chemical, electronics, machinery, furniture, logistics and other industries.
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  • MIMA exhibition in Hanoi, Vietnam

    MIMA exhibition in Hanoi, Vietnam

    From October 23 to 26, 2018, Vietnam International Industrial Exhibition was held in Hanoi. The exhibition was grand and the exhibitors from all over the world were assembled. Hefei Banyitong Science & Technology Developing Co.,Ltd. was invited to participate in the exchange. feast. Vietnam is located in the eastern part of the Central South Peninsula, with a land area of 330,000 square kilometers and a population of more than 90 million. In the past six years, the economy has developed rapidly and its development rate ranks among the top 10 in the world. As one of the ASEAN member states, it is the springboard and the most convenient way for Chinese products to enter the ASEAN market. Banyitong Science & Technology Developing Co.,Ltd., this time carrying forward forklifts, electric pallet stackers and tractors to Vietnam, has won the favor of Vietnamese merchants. The whole process of the exhibition is going smoothly. MiMA has been highly praised by Vietnamese merchants for its excellent design and unique brand concept. The two sides had a heated discussion on the performance, characteristics, adaptability and details of the products. The vivid and patient explanations of our marketing team left a deep impression on the other party. They said that MiMA is a great potential. The strength of the company, whether it is product features, or team spirit is a model that should be learned and advertised. We provide you with quality service with the most sincere attitude. We will relieve your worries with the most outstanding products. ——MiMA electric forklift
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  • MiMA forklift attends RUSSIA CEMAT

    MiMA forklift attends RUSSIA CEMAT

    On September 19-21, 2018, the Russian International Logistics Technology and Equipment Exhibition was successfully held at the Moscow Convention and Exhibition Center. This exhibition is the largest and most influential logistics equipment event in Eurasia. Hefei Banyitong Technology Development Co., Ltd. was invited to discuss the latest industry information with the elites present. The exhibition covers an area of more than 10,000 square meters, attracting nearly 150 companies from Russia, Malaysia, Germany, the United Arab Emirates, South Korea and the surrounding CIS countries. Hefei Banyitong Technology Development Co., Ltd. is located among them (Booth No.: A371), attracting more than 300 merchants at home and abroad. These customers are industry buyers and professionals from different countries, of which 55% are company executives and 99% are industry professionals. The display of Hefei Banyitong Technology Development Co., Ltd. at the venue is a good opportunity for buyers to fully understand smart warehousing products, purchase equipment and expand business.    Russia is the world's largest land-based country with a dense network of rail, road and logistics. It is reported that in the latest data released by Russian Customs, China has become Russia's largest trading partner, bilateral transportation volume has maintained rapid growth, and demand for logistics technology and equipment products has steadily increased. MiMA , as the leading force in the field of intelligent warehousing, is taking advantage of the opportunity of Sino-Russian reciprocal international trade cooperation. It is a very important platform to open the Russian market and has brought many in the exhibition. Featured products such as: narrow roadway electric forklift TC/MC series, electric pallet stacker TBD and TBB07 series, all-electric pallet truck series.     Through this international exchange event, Hefei Banyitong Technology Development Co., Ltd. successfully brought the charm of MiMA brand into the Russian market. I believe that in the near future, our trade with Russia will become more and more frequent. Reach the world and meet the new era of smart warehousing! - MIMA forklift
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  • MiMA Electric Counter Balance forklifts exported to Brazil

    MiMA Electric Counter Balance forklifts exported to Brazil

    Hefei Banyitong science& technology developingco., ltd made another foray into overseas markets with MiMA electric counter balance forklifts exported to Brazil in September 6th, 2018. Electric counter balance forklift  is a kind of forklift trucks widely used in industrial transportation.The loading, unloading, transporting and stacking of goods can be finished independently by the operator.The electric forklift is energy-saving and environment-friendly, flexible, applicable to a wide range of working conditions, greatly reducing labor cost and improving work efficiency. Low Gravity Design It perfectly solves two big node problems in the process of safe and efficient use of the vehicle. The horizontal drive releases the battery sinking space, which makes the vehicle body lower in gravity and greatly enhances the customer's sense of security in the process of use. Excellent Endurance High efficient spur gears of transverse drive model can play a higher level of energy efficiency,compared with the vertical drive, the energy loss is reduced by about 25%, which greatly improves the working time and meets the requirements of daily use. AC Motor Drive Reduce maintenance time and cost.AC motor not only has high operation efficiency, but also has long running life and energy saving, so that the forklift can keep running for a long time without reducing output. Ramps Auxiliary Brake System When the ramp starts, the system immediately applies a reverse force to the tire to stop the vehicle from moving back. Comfortable Operation When the mast is lowered to the bottom, the cushioning technology greatly reduces the mast impact and reduces cargo damage.Combined with the vehicle noise reduction technology, the operators work easily and comfortably;The ergonomic design of spacious legroom provides operator with a comfortable, safe and efficient operating environment. Good Energy conservation The application of technologies such as LED headlights/warning lights, low-resistance tires, automatic steering dormancy, and electric automatic temperature control system makes the vehicle capable of driving well. Hefei Banyitong science& technology developing co., ltd wins more and more customers' trust and favor at domestic and oversea market by virtue of its beautiful appearance design, fine manufacturing process, leading product technology, excellent product quality and perfect after-sales service.
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