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What is an electric reach truck? 2022-05-24

We, MIMA have been a manufacturer and designer of material handling equipment for over 20 years in China. MIMA is our brand, it stands for Mini Space and MAX performance. Currently we have 12 series, 50 models to meet different clients’ requirements.

material handling equipment
Our machine can cover almost all range of warehouse equipment including electric counterbalance forklift, pallet stacker, pallet trucks, order pickers, reach trucks, tow tractor, VNA three ways pallet trucks, man up turret trucks, articulated forklifts ,multi-directional trucks, customized heavy handling models and AGV bodies.
Among our many products, one of our advantageous models is the electric reach forklift.a reach truck is forklift with mast that can move forward and back, by this way it can save aisle space, we can stack in a narrower aisle. material handling equipment

For example, we know that the most common forklift is electric counterbalanced forklift, normally it requires stacking aisle 4 meters, but for reach truck, it only needs 2.5-3 meters. And the max. Lifting height of counterbalanced forklift is only 6 meters, but the max. Lifting height of standing reach truck is 8 meters. Simply understanding, it can store much more pallets with higher lift height and narrower stacking aisle.
generally according to driving way, it has standing type and seated type, Begin with standing reach truck, we have 1.2ton,1.5ton,2ton,2.5ton,3 ton, the lift height from 3 meters to 8 meters, the standard mast has duplex mast and triplex full free mast. it differs from actual lift height.
For seated type reach truck, capacity range 1.6ton-3ton, max. lifting height 12m.
It also has 24V model and 48V model defined by battery voltage, the 1.2ton standard reach truck is 24V model, the rest are 48V model, main thing that matters is 24V battery is suitable for lighter work conditions, it is economic one.
our standing reach truck is configured with an AC drive motor and Curtis Controller. And Ac has no carbon brush and it doesn’t need maintenance. It can save maintenance cost and improve work efficiency too. And American Curtis has Stable Quality. good Performance.
Besides, our configuration includes EPS steering, PU wheels, battery and smart charger, battery change trolley LED hour meter display, multi-way valve, set of working lights and so on. EPS stands for electric power steering, making the turning more easily and softly. And we have side-pull battery model, you can change the battery quickly, safe and easy, no need hoisting.
For the safety design, the mechanical disc brake is released when the brake pedal is depressed to ensure safe operation; Emergency button, reach truck can be cut off at once; With turning speed limit function, turning automatically decelerates, effectively protecting the safety of cargo and operators; It is equipped with pressure relief valve, if any faulty happens, the forks stop in high level position with cargos, you can low them down with this valve.
For the options, we can equip with side shifter, camera, lithium battery (lithium battery has a longer life, maintenance-free, and only needs 2-3 hours to charge it fully), lock code, battery change trolley, cold storage customization(-25℃ degree), fork extension customization, customized head guard, vehicle body color modification, AGV modification , and so on.
In addition to the load capacity and lifting height, the market stock is large, and the product technology is fully verified, mature and stable. And the main structural parts are self-processed and welded, and the welding is sufficient, and the body is firm and strong.
We also have agents in 13 countries. Such as Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, South Korea, India, UAE and other countries. And relevant local agents can provide pre-sales technical consultation, after-sales repair and maintenance full service.

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