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What Is An Articulated Forklift 2022-05-04

If you require additional warehouse space, you have two options -extend your existing facility or move premises. But, with an articulated forklift, you have a third option. By optimizing your racking layout, reducing aisle widths to as little as 1.9m, you can increase your storage capacity with your existing facility dramatically.

What is an articulated forklift?
Articulated forklift, also known as swing head truck. It is another type of VNA forklift. It is also called Very Narrow Aisle articulated forklift. It is mainly used for high storage density warehouses, and it is a forklift truck for continuous operation in and out of the warehouse.
There are different swing head angles of articulated forklifts on the market at present, such as 180 degrees, 190 degrees, 200 degrees, and 210 degrees. The larger the swing angle, the smaller the aisle requirement. SMALLER AISLES MEAN MORE RACKINGS.
Narrow Aisle Forklift

The articulated forklift has the advantages of a counterbalance forklift and a VNA 3-way pallet stacker. It can reduce workflow with less fleet needed. The articulated forklifts can effectively increase storage capacity by 50% compared to counterbalanced forklifts and 30% compared to reach truck. Articulated forklifts are your best choice, whether in terms of purchase cost, labor cost, or storage capacity.

Small aisle – as narrow as 1.9m –The articulated forklift increases and maximizes storage capacity. One truck, dual usage, users can increase productivity and eliminate time-consuming double handling, and speed up “truck to rack” operations.

Articulated Forklift

Advantages of very narrow aisle articulated forklift:
1. Flexible operation, fast running speed, and high efficiency.
The articulated narrow-aisle forklift moves in a straight line along the aisle. When picking up the goods, the body does not need to turn the whole vehicle 90°, and it does not need to move forward and backward several times in the narrow space to adjust the angle of the fork.
2. The articulated narrow aisle forklift does not need to turn the driver’s head when driving, walking, and lifting in the same direction. Operating on other models, side-seat driving may cause fatigue and sprains. Typically the driver’s head is twisted more than 45° for 50% of the driving time.
3. Use environmentally-friendly rubber solid anti-wear tires, slight wear on the ground, no dust. Other models use PU roller tires, which have a vast wheel pressure and cause significant friction and damage to the ground, resulting in a large amount of warehouse dust.
4. The articulated narrow-aisle forklift can be used indoors and outdoors, and it can be used on ordinary ground without special modification.
Why Choose MIMA Articulated Forklift?
MiMA designed and started to sell articulated forklifts in 2013. We have sold thousands of articulated forklifts, and there are many cases for customers to refer to. With our rich experience, we will definitely be able to choose an articulated forklift that is most suitable for your warehouse. Following are the SPECIAL FEATURES of our articulated forklifts.
· Quick and easy battery removal
· AC Traction Motor (18.5kw)
· Choice of 900 amp-hour capacity batteries
· Ergonomically designed cab
· Reduced Energy Consumption
· 210 degrees swing head
· 1.6m very narrow aisle
· 12.5m lift height

MiMA Very Narrow Aisle articulated forklift helps you maximize the storage capacity. 1.9m very narrow aisles enables you to reduce aisle width, thus add more racking to increase the warehouse storage capacity.

MiMA articulated forklift has a better visibility plus its ability to operate indoors and out, which removes the need for double handling, resulting in a forklift truck that provides safer, faster truck to rack operations.

Thanks to a highly robust chassis and masts purpose-made to withstand heavy-duty use, MIMA forklifts offer superb construction quality as standard. Each truck is manufactured using high-grade steel and castings.

Narrow Aisle articulated forklift

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