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  • MiMA Forklifts Kicks Off PROMAT 2023 with a Successful First Day

    MiMA Forklifts Kicks Off PROMAT 2023 with a Successful First Day

    Chicago, IL - MiMA forklifts had a successful first day at PROMAT 2023, with a steady stream of attendees stopping by their exhibit to learn more about their range of electric forklifts, pallet trucks, and reach trucks. However, for those who may have missed the opportunity to stop by their stand on the first day, the MiMA team extended a warm welcome for them to visit on the following day. "We're pleased with the turnout on the first day of PROMAT 2023 and grateful for the interest shown in our products," said a spokesperson for MiMA forklifts. "For those who may have missed the chance to visit our stand on the first day, we invite you to come and see us on the following day. Our team will be ready to show you the latest equipment this year and answer any questions you may have." The MiMA forklifts team has been prepared for the exhibition for 30 days and sent 10 different staff members, all of whom are knowledgeable and trained to operate the forklifts. Their advanced features and technologies have impressed attendees, who were particularly interested in their enhanced maneuverability, extended battery life, and increased lifting capacity, as well as their advanced safety features such as collision avoidance and weight sensing. "We believe that our products offer innovative solutions that can help businesses achieve their sustainability goals and optimize their operations," added the spokesperson. "We're excited to continue to showcase our products and technology at PROMAT 2023 and engage with more attendees on the following day." For more information about MiMA forklifts and their products, visit their website at
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  • Meet MiMA At ProMAT 2023 in Chicago

    Meet MiMA At ProMAT 2023 in Chicago

    MiMA is delighted to announce our participation in 2023 PROMAT – the world’s largest trade show for automated, information and material handling technology – held in Chicago in 2023.   MiMA is an established provider of electric forklifts and other material handling products. We continually strive to innovate, invent, and refine our products by implementing state-of-the-art technologies and materials.   At 2023 PROMAT, we will make numerous exciting announcements, such as the launch of our brand-new series of electric forklifts. All of our products meet the highest international standards, providing our customers with competitive advantages. We would like to invite all of our customers to come by our booth, where our experts will be more than happy to discuss our products.   We believe that with the advanced technology, integrated features, and superior quality MiMA electric forklifts offer, 2023 PROMAT will be our most successful year yet.   Welcome to stop by our stand and book a personal meeting with professional product managers In March  in the United States.   Booth No.: S4350 Contact Person: Candy Mobile Phone/whatapp: +86-182 5653 9526
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  • MIMA Attends The Logistics World hub of innovation 2022-LTT Tokyo

    MIMA Attends The Logistics World hub of innovation 2022-LTT Tokyo

    LTT Tokyo—The world's renowned material handling industrial vehicles supplier is bringing the latest narrow aisle forklift and intralogistics automation solution to Logist-Tech Tokyo (LTT) 2022, which will be held from Sep. 13 to Sep. 16. LTT is the major Logistics trade show in Asia and also an exclusive logistics show in Japan. Event: Logis-Tech Tokyo 2022 Date: Sep 13(Tue.) - 16(Fri.),10:00-17:00 Revenue: Tokyo Big Sight East Halls 1-8 This is not the 1st time MIMA has exhibited our quality products in LTT. We are ready to deliver Japanese companies the trade's most innovative long-material handling types of equipment. In current years, Japan has realized a fast-tracking digital revolution that requires companies to operate expertise to progress working productivity.  "This is a cherished communication chance, and we expect to spread our robotic experience and progress expanded collaboration with brilliant local corporations".  Both traders and end users were happy to check what we had innovative to offer MIMA has planned 3 applications 3-way pallet stacker, VNA Electric Articulated forklift and 3.5-ton electric multi-directional forklift. This machinery attracts the attendees to our booth, especially the multi-directional forklift invites the dealers to take more information. As this product is specially manufactured for long material and its rotating functionality makes this equipment prominent in this exhibition. Attendees were impressed by getting the demanding machinery VNA electric articulated forklift here in MIMA's booth as they require efficiency, high lifting speed, easy operation and a large capacity battery. The crew of MIMA appreciated being able to meet with different dealers and users. They had a memorable time at the expo by sharing paybacks and advantages of MIMA's equipment. To get more detailed information about exhibited equipment, visit our website at About the MIMA forklift Company:   This high-tech enterprise has specialized in developing material handling equipment since 1994. MIMA is dedicated to delivering safety, comfort and durability. Twenty years of advanced technology-based solutions make this cooperation matchless in the market. Strong technical crew and logistics partners make this company a brand.
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  • MiMA VNA Forklift Trucks Make A Splash At IMHX 2022

    MiMA VNA Forklift Trucks Make A Splash At IMHX 2022

    Event Detail: --------------------------------------------- Date: 6-8 Sept 2022 Location: NEC Birmingham, United Kingdom Booth No.: 5F89 --------------------------------------------- The triennial IMHX 2022 exhibition was held at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham, UK, from September 6-8, where MiMA Forklift presented our innovative warehouse logistics solutions to visitors with newly designed forklifts. Some of the warehouse truck products were exhibited in the UK for the first time. MCC16 Man-up Turret Truck The #MCC16 Man-up Turret Truck on display is a forklift truck for medium to high level narrow aisle stacking. Rated load capacity 1.6 tons, lifting height can reach 14.2m and the aisle width only needs 1.65m. The cab can be lifted for high picking operations, with good operational visibility and functional expandability. MJ20 Articulated Forklift An articulated Forklift is designed to manage heavy loads with a maximum height. The load capacity of this machinery is 2 tons, and the max lifting is 12.5 m. The best feature of this Forklift is the speed ratio gearbox that helps to provide great climbing activity in the narrow aisle. This equipment is used in heavy-duty working conditions when heavy loads need to lift at high speed. Excellent ergonomics Easy to operate the heavy-duty machine High lifting and driving speed Better space utilization and provide maximum load capacity It can pick possibly from all levels TFC35 Multiple directional Forklift This unit is designed to manage heavy loads with long heights safely. It helps to lift loads at maximum height without damaging the product. 3-wheel steering allows the Forklift to turn in any direction in smaller areas and maximize the efficiency in the loading and unloading process. Normally it helps to load building materials, concrete, aluminum, plastic and steel materials. Multidirectional Forklift can be customized according to customer’s demand It has the ability to perform jobs indoor and outdoor Operated with the electric engine powered by diesel or LPG Maximum storage capacity Improved Safety and overall efficiency With this IHMX logistics exhibition, MiMA electric forklifts have proved the strength of Chinese brands to the world! In the future, MiMA will also continue to polish itself, take up its corporate mission, empower its partners and serve more global end users. "MiMA forklifts are technologically advanced, durable and have an industry-leading total cost of ownership," said Roger Qiu, Sales Director of MiMA, "Compared with traditional electric forklifts, MiMA forklifts pay more attention to product differentiation in the development stage. We not only want our forklifts to be better and more durable, but also to gain a differentiation advantage in the market. For example, the three forklifts we set the UK exhibition alight this time are the first exhibited at this show." At present, the European forklift solution is still commonly adopted in the UK market, which...
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  • Comparison of articulated forklift and VNA forklift

    Comparison of articulated forklift and VNA forklift

    The articulated forklift is used in warehouse and manufacturing types of industry and is specially used for very narrow work aisles. The most advantage of an articulated lifting arm is its ability to turn corners. So that you can put heavy loads in tight spots and still maintain a safe working distance from walls, equipment, or machinery. so we call it the best choice for an industrial situation. The Articulated forklift is a fantastic type of machinery. Its unique structure and capability to maneuver in a minimal work area. This makes the articulated forklift very handy in the industry and one of the best types in the market. The articulating structure of the lift trucks, which has the characteristics of easy operation, high load-carrying capacity, and low cost, is suitable for lifting goods in narrow aisles. The articulated truck is a unique vehicle used in both a conventional and an articulated model. Adopting advanced technical solutions, it is one of the most versatile vehicles today. The VNA forklift is used in the very narrow aisle warehouse. It is designed to improve productivity by allowing operators to work in small spaces between pallets of material or components as close as 6'. The VNA combines exceptional maneuverability with a tight turning radius and easy-to-use controls. This feature allows you to maneuver around obstacles while picking or placing items in situations where other lift trucks would have difficulty. The VNA has a low step-through height, providing easy access for operators of all heights. VNA forklift is designed for the very narrow aisle warehouse applications, which require easy maneuverability to get around pallet loads. The super-low center of gravity provides good stability, which is essential in this type of environment. VNA forklifts are designed to lift palatalized loads in narrow aisles in warehouses. It combines the best features of both very narrow aisle and narrow aisle forklifts. VNA is the lightest and smallest forklift in its class. Its reduced size makes it easy to maneuver throughout a warehouse, especially in a narrow aisle. With ergonomic features such as an electrically adjustable seat and armrests, you deserve the comfort that only VNA can provide. The VNA is a forklift designed to maneuver in confined spaces while providing maximum lift capacity, durability, and efficiency. The patented independent suspension system is specifically designed to maximize the performance of your lift truck. In this article, we provide two different types of forklift trucks. One is a conventional forklift type called articulated, and another is called in. The comparison will be based on each truck's features and structure, operating experience, and safety efficiency. The main difference between the articulated forklift and the VNA forklift is their design and operation. The former uses four wheels while the latter only has three. The articulated forklift has a central wheel that rotates to adjust the direction of mo...
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  • MiMA provides a one-stop AGV forklift body service

    MiMA provides a one-stop AGV forklift body service

    In logistics, manufacturing, warehousing and other industries, forklifts are called "the main force in the material handling industry" , which are mainly used for loading and unloading, stacking and short-distance transportation of goods. In the era of "machine substitution" , factories have begun the process of automation, and more and more unmanned forklifts have begun to be put into practical use. As the central part of the unmanned forklift, the forklift AGV body is also quietly flourishing. Founded in 1994, MiMA forklift is located in Hefei City, Anhui Province, which is a high-tech enterprise specializes in designing and manufacturing of electric forklifts and special logistics equipment. MiMA factory covers an area of 51,800 square meters and has more than 400 employees. The technology center has an R & D team of more than 60 people, and more than 40 professional designers with more than 8 years of professional design experience. MiMA forklift has been involved in the hardware market of AGV forklift trucks since 2015 and developed the AGV forklift body into a part of the company's business. Today, MiMA forklift has become a mature technology in designing, developing, producing and manufacturing of a full range of AGV forklift bodies. At present, the MiMA AGV forklift bodies cover electric pallet trucks, pallet stackers, reach trucks, three-way stackers, multi-directional side loaders and tractors, etc., and provide customers with customized solutions for AGV forklift bodies. The following are two new AGV forklift trucks developed by MiMA: 1. MKV35-3.5T electric counterbalanced AGV forklift body with super large diameter solid rubber tires Main features of MKV35: 1). Rated capacity is 3500kg, lifting height is 3-6meters; 2). Double-drive electromagnetic brake, strong power and high efficiency; 3). Special design of AGV body, AGV restructuring is fast and convenient; 4). Four-wheel solid rubber tires for both indoor and outdoor use. 2. MBV25-2.5T 3-wheel counterbalanced AGV forklift body with super large diameter solid rubber tires Main features of MBV25: 1). Rated capacity is 2500kg, lifting height is 3-6meters; 2). All-wheel electromagnetic brake, high safety; 3). Special design of AGV body, AGV restructuring is fast and convenient; 4). Four-wheel solid rubber tires for both indoor and outdoor use. If you are interested in our new model MKV35 or MBV25 electric counterbalanced AGV forklift body, please don’t hesitate to contact MIMA for more details. Relying on a strong scientific research and innovation team, MiMA forklift has profound technical reserves in designing, researching, and developing of forklift trucks. Whether it is a standardized forklift truck or a customized forklift truck, MiMA can quickly achieve as long as the customer requests. As a professional factory with over 20 years of production experience in the material handling industry, MiMA forklift has matured the manufacturing technology of AGV forklift body, and the e...
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  • What is an electric reach truck?

    What is an electric reach truck?

    We, MIMA have been a manufacturer and designer of material handling equipment for over 20 years in China. MIMA is our brand, it stands for Mini Space and MAX performance. Currently we have 12 series, 50 models to meet different clients’ requirements. Our machine can cover almost all range of warehouse equipment including electric counterbalance forklift, pallet stacker, pallet trucks, order pickers, reach trucks, tow tractor, VNA three ways pallet trucks, man up turret trucks, articulated forklifts ,multi-directional trucks, customized heavy handling models and AGV bodies. Among our many products, one of our advantageous models is the electric reach forklift.a reach truck is forklift with mast that can move forward and back, by this way it can save aisle space, we can stack in a narrower aisle. For example, we know that the most common forklift is electric counterbalanced forklift, normally it requires stacking aisle 4 meters, but for reach truck, it only needs 2.5-3 meters. And the max. Lifting height of counterbalanced forklift is only 6 meters, but the max. Lifting height of standing reach truck is 8 meters. Simply understanding, it can store much more pallets with higher lift height and narrower stacking aisle. generally according to driving way, it has standing type and seated type, Begin with standing reach truck, we have 1.2ton,1.5ton,2ton,2.5ton,3 ton, the lift height from 3 meters to 8 meters, the standard mast has duplex mast and triplex full free mast. it differs from actual lift height. For seated type reach truck, capacity range 1.6ton-3ton, max. lifting height 12m. It also has 24V model and 48V model defined by battery voltage, the 1.2ton standard reach truck is 24V model, the rest are 48V model, main thing that matters is 24V battery is suitable for lighter work conditions, it is economic one. our standing reach truck is configured with an AC drive motor and Curtis Controller. And Ac has no carbon brush and it doesn’t need maintenance. It can save maintenance cost and improve work efficiency too. And American Curtis has Stable Quality. good Performance. Besides, our configuration includes EPS steering, PU wheels, battery and smart charger, battery change trolley LED hour meter display, multi-way valve, set of working lights and so on. EPS stands for electric power steering, making the turning more easily and softly. And we have side-pull battery model, you can change the battery quickly, safe and easy, no need hoisting. For the safety design, the mechanical disc brake is released when the brake pedal is depressed to ensure safe operation; Emergency button, reach truck can be cut off at once; With turning speed limit function, turning automatically decelerates, effectively protecting the safety of cargo and operators; It is equipped with pressure relief valve, if any faulty happens, the forks stop in high level position with cargos, you can low them down with this valve. For the options, we can equip with side shifter, camera, lithi...
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  • What are the advantages of multi-directional forklifts compared to side loaders?

    What are the advantages of multi-directional forklifts compared to side loaders?

    First, let me introduce the definitions of multi-directional and four-directional. Multi-directional, as the name implies, can drive the equipment in any direction, not only forward and backward, left and right, but also in a straight line at any angle. And it can turn around 360°(As the first picture shows.) Four-directional, it can only drive in four directions, forward, backward, left, and right. But some MiMA four-way forklifts also have a 360°turning function. There are two types of multi-directional forklifts on the market—internal combustion and electric. Combilift is the most representative of the former. Hubtex and MiMA are the most outstanding in the latter. Side loaders are mainly internal combustion, and the most representative is still Combilift, an expert in this field. Heli, Hangcha, and other forklift factories produce this model, characterized by larger tonnage than multi-directional forklifts. For outdoor long material handling, it looks like a truck. The multi-directional forklift, with relatively small tonnage, is used for indoor and outdoor long material transfer and long material indoor stacking. First of all, the long material forklift needs to consider the passageway indoors. Relatively speaking, the body volume is small, and the passageway is narrow. Take the indoor stacking into consideration, and it is equipped with electric steering, which is more flexible and easy to operate than the hydraulic steering of the side loader. In addition, the side loader can only drive sideways, there is no change in the direction of travel, and the ability to travel in the front is discarded. And it is specially used for handling long materials. The multi-directional forklift has a variety of driving modes, which can go straight, sideways, diagonally, turn in place, and turn at right angles. It would help if you asked why there are so many functions, which is to ensure efficient stacking in the warehouse. When you stack long materials, it is necessary to walk sideways. When you leave the shelf and enter the central aisle, the straight driving vision is better and more convenient for obstacle avoidance. When you finish stacking the goods on the shelf, you want to take off the goods on the other side. Rotating in place can help you save time; when you need to take shortcuts, you don't need to turn because it uses the diagonal function to walk the longest side of the right triangle. These functions are convenient and can ensure your work efficiency. In addition, there are problems in the use process. Most of the multi-directional forklifts are electric, which have low noise, no pollution, low power consumption, and low maintenance costs during use. The side loaders, mainly internal combustion, are noisy, polluting heavily, and the cost of use is much higher than that of electricity. In addition, we are equipped with a driving wheel position display and a wireless camera to ensure the safety of driving and stacking. They are equipped with ad...
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