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  • MIMA Forklift At WIN EURASIA 2019

    MIMA Forklift At WIN EURASIA 2019

    MIMA Forklift At WIN EURASIA 2019                                     Turkey WIN EURASIA was held as scheduled in Istanbul on March 14, 2019. In order to better respond to the national strategy of "Going Out" and "Belt and Road Initiative", better display the manufacturing capacity and technology level of Chinese material handling equipment on the international stage, and enter Turkeylocal market more comprehensively and quickly, Hefei Banyitong Science &Technology Developing Co., Ltd. taken 6 units MiMA forklifts to appear on the WIN EURAASIA, including seated type electric reach truck MFZ20, electric counterbalanced forklift MK15, electric stacker MB15, walking type electric stacker MBD10, electric pallet truck ME25 and walking type electric pallet truck MEW20, which constantly enhance MiMA forklift brand's popularity and recognition in Turkey. As the only Chinese forklift manufacturer participating in the exhibition, MiMA is not inferior. All the exhibited models have withstood the test of Turkey's major professional forklift companies, which let our customers witness MiMA's super performance-price ratio, so that they are more confident to establish a long-term cooperation with Chinese brands Over the past 20 years, MIMA brand has been making progress continuously, relying on the company's strong scientific research and innovation team and taking "safety, durability, comfort, low carbon (environmental protection)" as the design concept, providing customers with 500KG-100T application solutions, storage equipment and related services. Through continuous technological innovation and patent accumulation, our products have involved more than 50 varieties of 12 major categories, such as electric pallet truck, pallet stacker, reach truck, ,counterbalanced forklift towing tractor, low and high level order picker, VNA trilateral forklift, 4-directiional and multi-directional reach truck, AGV automatic guide trucks, unmanned aisle stacker and customized logistics equipment. MIMA brand products are widely used in medicine, food, chemical, electronics, machinery, furniture, logistics and other industries.
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  • Lead you to explore the mystery of lithium power Electric Forklift Truck!

    Lead you to explore the mystery of lithium power Electric Forklift Truck!

    "Green, environmental protection, energy conservation, emission reduction" has been the slogan of the government in recent years. With the continuous progress of the society, the new energy industry begins to usher in the spring. Let MiMA Electric Forklift take you into the world of lithium battery today, to explore the magic mystery about the lithium battery electric forklift! 01What is a lithium battery? "Lithium battery" from the professional physical interpretation, is a lithium metal or lithium alloy as a negative material, the use of non-aqueous electrolyte solution of the battery.In general, a complete set of power lithium battery system usually consists of batteries, battery management system (BMS), Pack system (function components), wiring harness, structure and related components, type of batteries and electric forklift, over time, now also started to follow the trend of The Times, gradually open the lithium battery forklift era. Lithium battery charging Lithium battery energy is relatively high, with a high storage energy density, the battery can be charged and discharged at any time, the battery self-discharge is low, its monthly self-discharge is less than 1%, the battery can be stored for a long time, strong power, quick charge and quick release. Temperature tolerance of lithium batteries Common working temperature for lithium-ion batteries - 20 to 60 degrees Celsius, but generally lower than 0 ℃ after lithium battery performance will drop, the discharge capacity will be reduced, so the lithium battery performance fully working temperature, the common is 0 ~ 40 ℃.Some special environments require different temperatures for lithium batteries. Life of lithium battery Compared with traditional batteries, lithium batteries are light in weight and long in service life.Under normal conditions, the charge and discharge cycle of lithium battery can exceed 500 times, and the lithium iron phosphate can reach 2000 times.and no memory effect, effectively reduces the battery capacity reduction effect. Green and low-carbon lithium battery Lithium battery is green and environment-friendly. It can effectively protect the operating environment and human health. No matter it is produced, used or scrapped, it does not contain or produce any lead, mercury, cadmium and other toxic and harmful heavy metal elements and substances. 02 Lithium power Electric Forklift Truck After effective analysis, the r&d and design team of HEFEI BANYITONG TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT CO., LTD. applied the lithium battery to the forklift production. The TK series of counterbalance forklift truck with lithium battery is a typical example. Spacious driving space Large screen LED meter LED illumination system Smooth and lively body design Full load climb up to 15% Do you understand the lithium battery balanced forklift now? The application of new energy in the forklift industry has just started to develop on a large scale. In this wonderful situation, MiMA will g...
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  • New Electric Reach Truck MFA Series Enter The Market Successfully

    New Electric Reach Truck MFA Series Enter The Market Successfully

    MiMA  2018 First New Product– Reach Truck MFA series (stand-om) 1. Load: 1.5 tons and 2.0 tons 2. Lifting height: 1.6 meters to 5.5 meters 1. Advantages: ▲ Electric power steering system as standard configurations of all series, light and flexible control ▲ The mast with buffer to reduce the collision of it falls ▲ Multitandem valve control, fork position precise ▲ The latest developed handle control is beautiful and simple, and the operation function can be easily completed with one hand. ▲ The optimized design of the forklift body structure ensures that it has an excellent operating vision. ▲ The side of the battery can be removed quickly and easily (optional). ▲ With 5 points of low center of gravity design, the frame is made of high-strength steel frame structure, with large residual load capacity and long service life. ▲ All imported waterproof plug-ins, all wire and cable have optional protection, greatly improving the optionality of the electrical system. 2. More stable: ● H-channel steel is used for high lift, which has better rigidity and stability than C-channel steel. ● The power plug is fixed to the vehicle body to prevent damage to the plug when lifting the battery 3. Safer: ◆ Standard car turning speed limit function is more safe. ◆ Reinforced guardrail for better protection of the operator. ◆ It has three kinds of braking functions: release brake, reverse brake and emergency brake to ensure the safety of driving. ◆ With ramp anti-sliding function to ensure safe operation. ◆ The emergency reverse button on the handle head can effectively prevent the driver from being hurt when driving backwards in an emergency. 4. Easy Maintenance: ● Without carbon brush,the AC motor  can save cost of use and  don't need to be maintained. ● It is easy to maintain by integrated power-display, timing and fault self-diagnosis functions. ● The rear cover can be completely opened, and the components ant parts are clear to check, very convenient for maintainance. ● Opening rear apron  is convenient for maintain and replace the drive ● Lubricated bushings are installed on all shafts for long life. 5. Technical Parameters Brand MiMA MiMA MiMA MiMA Model( promotion) MFA15-16 MFA15-30 MFA20-16 MFA20-30 Rated capacity 1500kg 1500kg 2000kg 2000kg Load center 500mm 500mm 500mm 500mm Service weight 1850kg 2100kg 2100kg 2200kg Hight of mast lowered 2090mm 2010mm 2090mm 2010mm Lifting height 1600mm 3000mm 1600mm 3000mm Hight of mast extended 2500mm 3900mm 2500mm 3900mm Overall length(pedal extended /closed) 2360/2830mm 2360/2830mm 2470/2900mm 2470/2900mm Overall width 900/1005mm 900/1005mm 900/1105mm 900/1105mm Forks size 1070/100/35mm 1070/100/35mm 1070/100/40mm 1070/100/45mm Distance between fork-arms 220~610mm 220~610mm 220~710mm 220~710mm Forward distance 620mm 620mm 670mm 670mm Turning radius(pedal closed) 1800mm 1800mm 1985mm 1985mm Battery 24V/210Ah 24V/270Ah 24V/210Ah 24V/270Ah Steering system EPS EPS EPS EPS...
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  • MIMA exhibition in Hanoi, Vietnam

    MIMA exhibition in Hanoi, Vietnam

    From October 23 to 26, 2018, Vietnam International Industrial Exhibition was held in Hanoi. The exhibition was grand and the exhibitors from all over the world were assembled. Hefei Banyitong Science & Technology Developing Co.,Ltd. was invited to participate in the exchange. feast. Vietnam is located in the eastern part of the Central South Peninsula, with a land area of 330,000 square kilometers and a population of more than 90 million. In the past six years, the economy has developed rapidly and its development rate ranks among the top 10 in the world. As one of the ASEAN member states, it is the springboard and the most convenient way for Chinese products to enter the ASEAN market. Banyitong Science & Technology Developing Co.,Ltd., this time carrying forward forklifts, electric pallet stackers and tractors to Vietnam, has won the favor of Vietnamese merchants. The whole process of the exhibition is going smoothly. MiMA has been highly praised by Vietnamese merchants for its excellent design and unique brand concept. The two sides had a heated discussion on the performance, characteristics, adaptability and details of the products. The vivid and patient explanations of our marketing team left a deep impression on the other party. They said that MiMA is a great potential. The strength of the company, whether it is product features, or team spirit is a model that should be learned and advertised. We provide you with quality service with the most sincere attitude. We will relieve your worries with the most outstanding products. ——MiMA electric forklift
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