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  • Application of MiMA walkie straddle stacker in Aluminum coil industry

    Application of MiMA walkie straddle stacker in Aluminum coil industry

    Aluminum coils are widely used in electronics, packaging, construction, machinery, etc. Aluminum coils are usually cylindrical with a through hole in the center and are very heavy. The transfer of aluminum coils in the non-ferrous metal industry has plagued many aluminum coil companies. Handling the aluminum coils with traditional pedestrian stacker is not safe and efficient. MIMA special walkie straddle stacker is developed according to the aluminum coil characteristics in non-ferrous metal industry.  The original fork is replaced by this special structure, which is convenient for loading and unloading the aluminum coils. Features of MiMA straddle stacker lift truck: 1. The legs are widened to increase the stability of the pedestrian stacker; 2. The oil cylinders are arranged on both sides of the mast to expand the driver's vision; 3. This electric stacker adopts electric steering system, Curtis controller, damping pedal,etc.
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  • MiMA multi directional forklift in textile industry

    MiMA multi directional forklift in textile industry

    MIMA multi directional forklift TFC series is electric forklift with one-key switching of modes such as straight travel, side travel, diagonal travel, right-angle turning, and in-situ rotation. It is suitable for handling and stacking long materials such as profiles, wood, curtain walls in narrow aisles. Textile industry customer case The company is a large textile company with products exported to many countries and regions. Due to the increase in sales volume and the increase in the cost of warehousing and logistics, the warehouse area for goods storage is limited, and the goods are heavy and long in size, so a narrow aisle storage and handling solution is needed. According to the customer's actual working conditions, MiMA provides the customer with an efficient solution: MiMA multi way forklift TFC series. Rated loading capacity of TFC series is 3000-4000kg, max. lifting height is 8000mm. The solution makes their handling easier and efficiently, which was highly praised by the customer.
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  • CeMAT AUSTRALIA postponed to 22-24 September 2020

    CeMAT AUSTRALIA postponed to 22-24 September 2020

        The CeMAT team have just decided to postpone CeMAT AUSTRALIA to 22-24 September 2020 at the Melboume Convention and Exhibition Centre. Due to the rapidly evolving COVID-19 situation, numerous trade shows and events around the world has been postponed or cancelled. Please take care and stay safe and wish everyone the best. MIMA electric forklift team will always be with you. P.S. Coronavirus Prevention Tips (1) Avoid going to high-endemic areas. (2) Avoid going to crowded places,remember to wear a mask when going out. (3) Strengthen window ventilation. (4) Pay attention to personal hygiene. (5) Observe the doctor promptly.
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  • Hannover Messe 2020 will not take place

    Hannover Messe 2020 will not take place

        Deutsche Messe has just released a statement saying that HANNOVER MESSE cannot take place this year as planned and scheduled due to the increasingly critical situation surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic. This is the first time in Hannover Messe’s 73-year history that the event will not take place. Thank you for your attention and support for MIMA electric forklift. We will inform you as soon as possible of the adjustment plan.
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  • Resume work notice

    Resume work notice

    Approved by relevant departments, BANYITONG SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPING CO.,LTD. will start work on February 21, 2020. While complying with government requirements and good epidemic protection, we will provide customers with normal product guarantee and after-sales service. MIMA electric forklift team
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  • Mima electric forklift at your service

    Mima electric forklift at your service

    After the outbreak of pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus, it has drawn wide attention from the whole society. China has full confidence and capability to win the battle against the virus with concerted efforts, scientific containment and targeted policies. China's rigorous and thorough measures are paying off. At the call of the government, we carried out scientific prevention and control deployment in the first time. We, MIMA electric forklift, is in action. Your support and understanding is our greatest motivation to overcome the epidemic! 1. Strengthen employee management All personnel are required to wear masks, take the temperature at the gate security office and sterilize before entering the factory area. 2. Strengthen health protection The plant area is fully disinfected and cleaned daily; all waste in the plant area is disposed of in strict accordance with the requirements of the health department. Production workshops, offices, canteens, dormitories and equipments, door handles, elevators, toilets, floors and other public places are regularly disinfected. 3. Strengthen vehicle inspection and disinfection We check the electric forklifts daily, and deliver the vehicles after cleaning and disinfection to ensure the absolute safety of the products. The online communication will never stop. MIMA electric forklift team are always at your service.
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  • MIMA electric forklift at Metalex 2019

    MIMA electric forklift at Metalex 2019

    On Nov. 20th-23th is holding METALEX, which is the largest Machine Tools & Metalworking Exhibition in Bangkok. MIMA brand took ME battery powered pallet truck, MFZ seat reach truck, MFA reach stacker and MC very narrow aisle 3 way forklift to this exhibition. Although it is not the professional logistics show, MIMA brand electric forklift always captures clients attention.  Our machines are use in various industries, such as food industry, furniture industry, metal industry, auto industry and so on. People from all kind lines stop our booth  EH98 AJ29 to look at. METALEX show is in progress, we MIMA electric forklift company are here EH98 AJ29 waiting for your visit.
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    China Chengdu International Supply Chain and Smart Logistics Expo was held as scheduled from November 14 to 16, 2019. In order to show our outstanding ability of design and manufacturing , Hefei Banyitong Science & Technology Developing Co., Ltd. exhibited 48V li-ion battery pallet truck MEA20, 2T 4.5 m electric stacker MB20, 2T 4.5m reach stacker MFA20, 2.5T 6m reach truck MF25, 2.5T 3m electric forklift truck MK25, and 1.0T 5m 3 way pallet stacker MC10 , which constantly enhance MiMA forklift brand's popularity and recognition both in domestic and overseas market. Especially tri-lateral pallet stacker(VNA), attracting lots of people to visit and enquiry.The turret truck suitable for intensive storage in ultra-narrow aisle,shelf design in high position.Much save the storage space,highly improve the storage capacity. With 20 years of development,MiMA not only can offer customers with full range of material handling equipments, such as battery operated forklift, reach truck, pallet stacker, pallet truck, order picker, tow tractor, very narrow aisle forklift, 4 direction forklift, multi directional forklift and other customized equipments, but also all-around logistics handling solutions from 500kg to 100,000kg. MIMA will always insist on researching and developing electic forklift & material handling equipments, continue to provide new,smart and saving space solutions and high quality material hanling equipments for all our customers.
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