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  • MIMA Attending The Brazil MOVIMAT 2019

    MIMA Attending The Brazil MOVIMAT 2019

       MOVIMAT, the international logistics and warehousing exhibition in Sao Paulo, Brazil, is held every two years at the Sao Paulo Convention and Exhibition Center, which is one of the largest logistics and transportation exhibitions in Latin America. It is also the sales and marketing platform of the most complete logistics industry in Latin America, and is a special exhibition for the logistics industry.    As the first step for MIMA forklifts to enter the South American market, the preparations were carefully prepared before the exhibition. Four basic models suitable for the Brazilian market were selected, electric counter balance forklifts, stand on electric stacker, electric pallet truck and walkie type stacker.    At the exhibition, not only the customers who had cooperated before came to visit our booth, but also attracted countless people from the industry to stop and visit. We distribute the product catalogues, play vehicle operation videos and live demonstrations to visitors in detail on the performance and advantages of MIMA forklift products. To enhance everyone's understanding and interest in our products, most of our customers have shown great interest and willingness to negotiate further.    The five-day exhibition ended in a laughter full of harvest. Today we plant a seed of hope in Brazil and look forward to tomorrow's growth and harvest!
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  • MIMA ELectric Forklift at Shanghai CeMat 2019

    MIMA ELectric Forklift at Shanghai CeMat 2019

    Shanghai CeMat was held as scheduled from October 23 to 26, 2019. In order to display the manufacturing capacity and technology level of Chinese material handling equipment on the international stage, Hefei Banyitong Science & Technology Developing Co., Ltd. took 8 units MiMA forklifts to appear on the Shanghai CeMat, including 48V li-ion battery pallet truck MEA20, 6 tons electric pallet truck ME60, 2 tons and 4.5 meters electric stacker MB20, 2 tons and 4.5 meters reach stacker MFA20, 2.5 tons and 6 tons electric reach truck MF25, 2.5 tons and 3 meters electric forklift MK25, 2.5 tons and 6 meters multi-way reach truck MQZ25, 1.5 tons and 9 meters AGV type trilateral forklift MCA15, which constantly enhance MiMA forklift brand's popularity and recognition both in domestic and overseas market. Especially for the AGV type trilateral forklift attracts many visitors at our stand, people witness MiMA Forklift is not only good at common material handling equipment, but also good at VNA and 4/multi-way forklift, which makes us becoming the comprehensive supplier in electric MHE field. Over the past 20 years, MIMA brand has been making progress continuously, relying on the company's strong scientific research and innovation team and taking "safety, durability, comfort, low carbon (environmental protection)" as the design concept, providing customers with 500KG-100T application solutions, storage equipment and related services. Through continuous technological innovation and patent accumulation, our products have involved more than 50 varieties of 12 major categories, such as electric pallet truck, pallet stacker, reach truck, counterbalanced forklift, towing tractor, low and high level order picker, VNA trilateral forklift, 4-directiional and multi-directional reach truck, AGV automatic guide trucks, unmanned aisle stacker and customized logistics equipment. MIMA brand products are widely used in medicine, food, chemical, electronics, machinery, furniture, logistics and other industries.
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  • MIMA forklift at IMHX 2019

    MIMA forklift at IMHX 2019

    The IMHX is held during 24-27 september in Birmingham, England. It is the UK’S largest intralogistics event and attract many forklift companies take part in it like Toyota, Crown, Hyster, Unicarriers and so on. BANYITONG SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPING CO.,LTD carried Multi-direction forklift, Counterbalance forklift, Pallet stacker with Lithium and Acid battery and Tow tractor to the exhibition. We show our great ability of design and manufacture. Although there are not too many visitors to the exhibition, MIMA also attracted many people by lithium forklift, multi-direction forklift and counterbalance forklift. Compared with Combilift forklift, our multi-direction forklift are in a much competitive price. many people are interested in our multi-direction forklift and want to have cooperation with us. As for the Lithium battery forklift, it can meet the need of European customer, many dealers talked with us and want to try our lithium battery forklift. Counterbalance forklift is a common model forklift. There are also many customer want to know more about it with large load capacity and side shifter.
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  • MIMA at 2019 Materials Handling Middle East

    MIMA at 2019 Materials Handling Middle East

    2019 Materials handling Middle East(DUBAI) Exhibition was held on September 3th, 2019 in Dubai, UAE. This time, we carried two electric reach stackers (MFZ2080, MFA2045), an electric pallet truck ME20, and a battery counterbalance forklift MK2048. The purpose of this exhibition is to understand the markets of the United Arab Emirates and other countries in the Middle East, to negotiate customers, to promote brands and seek agency cooperation, to open up markets and enhance the popularity of the MIMA brand in the Middle East market.     Although the flow of people attending this meeting is not much, Professional dealers and traders are still quite a lot. Many times asked MIMA's various models to enhance our confidence, and at the same time sell one electric forklift MK2048 (TK2048) on the spot, and there are some potential users and traders with good intentions.
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