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1.0 ton High Level Electric Order Picker MHA series

MHA order pickers are mainly used for warehouse rack material picking operations. High shelf material picking.with 1T load capacity,with 6m lift height;with USA Curtis controller;
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product detail

Electric Order Picker MHA series

Main Features of electric order picker forklift:

MHA10 series:

1.The cover board with direction display, easy to know the driving direction even in high-order position;

2.The Vehicle have driving alarm,and safety belt, to ensure the safe driving;

3.Mast Buffering function;

4.The high level order picker including automatic high level order picker and semi-automatic high level order picker;

5.The Series High level order picker, rated load capacity: 1000kg, max lift height:4500mm;

6.With driving direction display, easy to know the direction even in high level;

7.With driving alarm and safety belt;

8.Mast with buffering function.

Specification of full electric aerial order picker:









Power Type




Operation Type




Service weight(incl. battery)




Rated Capacity




Load Center




Lifting height




Forks size




Front Overhang




Turning radius




Max. climbing ability

%(tanθ )



Driving speed(load/unload)




Lifting speed(load/unload)




Lowering speed(load/unload)




1.0 ton High Level Electric Order Picker MHA series

Advantages of high level electric picking forklift:

●Advanced Curtis controller, more stable and safer.
●Maintenance-free AC drive system makes the vehicle react more quickly and accurately, and can be equipped with a full AC system.
●Pure electric steering, small steering force, comfortable and energy saving.
●The lifting system adopts proportional control, which has good start and stop smoothness and no jitter.
●Standard auxiliary lifting function, when the picking operation is carried out, the driver can be prevented from kneeling and the working intensity can be reduced.
●Standard turning speed limit and high lifting speed limit.
●Standard maximum lifting height limit.

Company profil:

MIMA electric order picker factory

MiMA can offer you electric pallet truck, pallet stacker, reach stacker,reach truck,counter balance stacker,counter balance forklift, tow tractor, order picker, narrow aisle forklift, special forklift, AGV and other customized types for options, which can provide our customers with logistics handling solutions from 500kg to 100,000kg. Due to product serialization and standardization, all MiMA products are widely used in medicine, food, chemical, household electrical appliances, wool cotton textile, tobacco, electronics, machinery, furniture and many other industries.

Company Exhibition:

1.0 ton High Level Electric Order Picker MHA series


1.0 ton High Level Electric Order Picker MHA series


1.Are you factory or trading company?
We are the factory which have been manufacture electric forklift for more than 20 years.

2.What is the delivery time?
Generally it is can delivery immediately if the goods are in stock. Or it is 15-30 days if the goods are out of stock.

3.What is the Payment?
TT(bank transfer), LC at sight or Alibaba , all will be accepted.

4.Is OEM & ODM available?
1). We can do the product according your design
2). We can provide customized solutions according your requirments.

5.Can you provide training for the customer?
Yeah. We can provide training for our customer.

6.What certification do you have?
Our company has passed ISO 9001:2008 and all of the forklift have CE certification.

7.How can I get the best price?
Price is the most concerning problem of every customer,if you want to know the price.We need to know your detailed requirements.

1.0 ton High Level Electric Order Picker MHA series
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