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What are the advantages of multi-directional forklifts compared to side loaders? 2022-05-16

First, let me introduce the definitions of multi-directional and four-directional. Multi-directional, as the name implies, can drive the equipment in any direction, not only forward and backward, left and right, but also in a straight line at any angle. And it can turn around 360°(As the first picture shows.) Four-directional, it can only drive in four directions, forward, backward, left, and right. But some MiMA four-way forklifts also have a 360°turning function.

multi-directional forklifts

There are two types of multi-directional forklifts on the market—internal combustion and electric. Combilift is the most representative of the former. Hubtex and MiMA are the most outstanding in the latter.
Side loaders are mainly internal combustion, and the most representative is still Combilift, an expert in this field. Heli, Hangcha, and other forklift factories produce this model, characterized by larger tonnage than multi-directional forklifts. For outdoor long material handling, it looks like a truck.

The multi-directional forklift, with relatively small tonnage, is used for indoor and outdoor long material transfer and long material indoor stacking. First of all, the long material forklift needs to consider the passageway indoors. Relatively speaking, the body volume is small, and the passageway is narrow. Take the indoor stacking into consideration, and it is equipped with electric steering, which is more flexible and easy to operate than the hydraulic steering of the side loader.

In addition, the side loader can only drive sideways, there is no change in the direction of travel, and the ability to travel in the front is discarded. And it is specially used for handling long materials. The multi-directional forklift has a variety of driving modes, which can go straight, sideways, diagonally, turn in place, and turn at right angles.

It would help if you asked why there are so many functions, which is to ensure efficient stacking in the warehouse. When you stack long materials, it is necessary to walk sideways. When you leave the shelf and enter the central aisle, the straight driving vision is better and more convenient for obstacle avoidance. When you finish stacking the goods on the shelf, you want to take off the goods on the other side. Rotating in place can help you save time; when you need to take shortcuts, you don't need to turn because it uses the diagonal function to walk the longest side of the right triangle. These functions are convenient and can ensure your work efficiency.

In addition, there are problems in the use process. Most of the multi-directional forklifts are electric, which have low noise, no pollution, low power consumption, and low maintenance costs during use. The side loaders, mainly internal combustion, are noisy, polluting heavily, and the cost of use is much higher than that of electricity.

In addition, we are equipped with a driving wheel position display and a wireless camera to ensure the safety of driving and stacking. They are equipped with adjustable forks or optional adjustable distance forks to adapt to materials of different lengths to ensure that the materials will not tilt during the handling process. The whole vehicle is equipped with a linkage function that can move forward and tilt while lifting; it can also be lifted while driving, improving work efficiency and accuracy.

At this stage, we have omnidirectional long material equipment under 5 tons. Soon, we will develop omnidirectional forklifts with larger tonnage to meet the long material handling and stacking operations of different customers and working conditions. As you can see, we are already at the forefront of these special equipment manufacturers. We have more experience in this field than big names such as Toyota and Jungheinrich. Choosing MiMA will be a good choice.
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