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MIMA electric forklift will focus more on the development and sales of the narrow aisle and special models of electric forklift 2022-03-21
As a high-tech enterprise established in 1994, Hefei Banyitong Technology Development Co., Ltd. (MIMA brand) specializes in the design, development, and production of various types of electric forklifts. Since 2010, it has begun to design and sell narrow aisles and special models. At present, there are more than 1,500 units in the market. The company has a group of technical R&D engineers with rich design experience, involving materials, electrical, hydraulic, structure, test verification, etc., and has strong technical advantages in narrow roadways and special models.
Narrow aisle models mainly refer to a class of trucks that can be used in relatively narrow warehouse aisles. The size of the aisle is usually less than 2 meters, which can save warehouse space, provide warehouse storage capacity, and save warehouse investment costs for customers. At present, the main narrow aisle models include 3-way electric pallet stacker MC/MCA/MCC series, multi-directional forklift MQ/MQB/MQD/MQC/MQ/TFC series, and articulated forklift MJ series.

The 3-way electric pallet stacker is currently divided into the MC/MCA series of people descending and the MCC series of people ascending, of which MCA belongs to the three-way electric pallet stacker that is driven by people. The load range of the MC series is 1 ton and 1.5 tons, the maximum lifting height is 9 meters, the core hydraulic components are equipped with imported brands, the gantry is designed with H-shaped channel steel and central guide rail, and the high-level stacking is more stable and accurate. The minimum stacking net aisle of the whole vehicle is only 1600mm, which greatly increases the warehouse capacity. The fork wireless video assistance system enhances the field of vision, and the operation is efficient and fast. Wheel display function, real-time display of the rotation angle of the driving wheel, easy for beginners to learn. The MCC series is the newly developed three-way, electric pallet stacker, with a rated load of 1.6 tons. It realizes the stacking and loading and unloading of goods on both sides of the roadway through 180° rotation of the fork and left and right side shifting. The cab can be lifted to carry out high-level picking operations. It has two operation modes: standing and driving, with good operating vision and functional expansion. With three emergency escape methods, when the vehicle is parked abnormally at a high position, the driver can escape in an emergency. The optional laser obstacle avoidance function can detect foreign objects in the front and rear of vehicles in the roadway to avoid collision and improve safety.

3-way electric pallet stacker

The multi-directional forklift MQ/MQB/MQD/MQC/MQ/TFC series is mainly suitable for the field of long materials, and it is widely used in wood, pipeline, steel, and other industries. With independent control of four-wheel steering, it can go straight, sideways, diagonally, and turn on the spot, and has a smaller passage when running sideways. Dual-drive braking: better braking effect, can be used on slippery and icy ground, and the operator's work is safer; strong endurance: full AC system design, using AC brushless motor, with high efficiency and energy saving, satisfying Multiple job requirements under heavy working conditions. Optional rubber tires are available for indoor and outdoor use.

multi directional forkllift

The articulated forklift MJ series is a special model newly developed in 2021, commonly known as a swing truck, the front of the truck can swing within a range of 210 degrees left and right. The front single-drive mechanical differential bridge design is adopted, maintenance-free full AC configuration and the high-speed ratio gearbox provides a guarantee for greater climbing and getting out of trouble, mainly to meet the needs of customers who give priority to efficiency, medium and heavy working conditions, and the pursuit of high lift High speed, high running speed, large-capacity battery, excellent ergonomics, ease of operation and safety. It can be used for two purposes in one vehicle, replacing four-wheel counterbalanced forklifts and narrow-aisle forklifts.

articulated forklift

Therefore, as a MIMA brand in the electric forklift area, we will focus more on product development of narrow roadways and special models, providing a better quality product for customers around the world.
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