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Lead you to explore the mystery of lithium power Electric Forklift Truck! 2018-12-07

"Green, environmental protection, energy conservation, emission reduction" has been the slogan of the government in recent years. With the continuous progress of the society, the new energy industry begins to usher in the spring. Let MiMA Electric Forklift take you into the world of lithium battery today, to explore the magic mystery about the lithium battery electric forklift!

01What is a lithium battery?

"Lithium battery" from the professional physical interpretation, is a lithium metal or lithium alloy as a negative material, the use of non-aqueous electrolyte solution of the battery.In general, a complete set of power lithium battery system usually consists of batteries, battery management system (BMS), Pack system (function components), wiring harness, structure and related components, type of batteries and electric forklift, over time, now also started to follow the trend of The Times, gradually open the lithium battery forklift era.

Lithium battery charging

Lithium battery energy is relatively high, with a high storage energy density, the battery can be charged and discharged at any time, the battery self-discharge is low, its monthly self-discharge is

less than 1%, the battery can be stored for a long time, strong power, quick charge and quick release.

Temperature tolerance of lithium batteries

Common working temperature for lithium-ion batteries - 20 to 60 degrees Celsius, but generally lower than 0 ℃ after lithium battery performance will drop, the discharge capacity will be reduced, so the lithium battery performance fully working temperature, the common is 0 ~ 40 ℃.Some special environments require different temperatures for lithium batteries.

Life of lithium battery

Compared with traditional batteries, lithium batteries are light in weight and long in service life.Under normal conditions, the charge and discharge cycle of lithium battery can exceed 500 times, and the lithium iron phosphate can reach 2000 times.and no memory effect, effectively reduces the battery capacity reduction effect.

Green and low-carbon lithium battery

Lithium battery is green and environment-friendly. It can effectively protect the operating environment and human health. No matter it is produced, used or scrapped, it does not contain or produce any lead, mercury, cadmium and other toxic and harmful heavy metal elements and substances.

02 Lithium power Electric Forklift Truck

After effective analysis, the r&d and design team of HEFEI BANYITONG TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT CO., LTD. applied the lithium battery to the forklift production. The TK series of counterbalance forklift truck with lithium battery is a typical example.

Spacious driving space

Large screen LED meter

LED illumination system

Smooth and lively body design

Full load climb up to 15%

Do you understand the lithium battery balanced forklift now?

The application of new energy in the forklift industry has just started to develop on a large scale. In this wonderful situation, MiMA will grow up together with you!

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