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MiMA Electric Reach Truck delivered to overseas customer 2022-02-20

Recently, MiMA 7pcs Electric reach truck forklifts successfully delivered to a machinery enterprise in South Africa. Known as the "rainbow Nation," South Africa is located at the southern tip of the continent and has Africa's second largest economy. For this cooperation, MiMA has been highly praised by customers.

Electric reach truck forklifts

MiMA Reach truck forklifts have been providing reliable service and performance in warehouses around the world, especially under narrow aisle conditions, MFZ series electric reach forklift with its compact structure and excellent lifting ability to play its powerful performance. Electric reach truck is suitable for medium storage density and high turnover, and can be stacked in narrow aisles.

MFZ series electric reach forklift

MFZ series Electric reach truck forklift mast with moving forward function, in the case of not moving the body to achieve more comfortable and safe storage of goods; High quality mast channel steel ensures the load capacity of the forklift. Imported brand AC motor provides strong power. more accurate control, more stable operation, high strength vertical gear box, super long service lift, through multi-layer testing of oil pump, cylinder and pipeline, to ensure the high reliability of the hydraulic system.
American AMP waterproof connector and electrical parts of reliable quality, all wires and cables have reliable protection and fixation, greatly reducing electrical failure, high strength loading wheel design to ensure the stability of the reach truck.
Working Easy
Fully consider the man-machine engineering control table, the function button is convenient and easy to operate. Tilting fork makes pallet stacking work more simple and safe, at the same time the fork and pallet shelf separated is also more simple, effectively prevent the goods from slipping off the fork. the driving position of stand-on model is equipped with cushion to make driving more comfortable.
More secure
The Electric Reach Truck Forklift automatically decelerates when it meets the curve and has a strong overhead guard for safer driving. Emergency power off switch can easily cut off all power when the operation is out of control, to avoid emergency accidents, Anti-skid braking function prevents the forklift from sliding down when it runs on a slope; strong design for overhead guard, safer operation.
MFZ series electric reach forklift

Option Lithium battery- green storage for the future

*Fast charging

*Longer lift


*Safety and green

*High and low temperature resistant


*Cost saving 70%

When you use MFZ seated reach truck, you will enjoy many advantages for technology and ergonomics, including innovative pre-selection height technology, it can improve storage efficiency and accuracy. In the long run, you can save lots of operating costs.

MiMA Brand
Banyitong Science and Technology Developing Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise committed to the production, research and development and manufacturing of electric forklifts, after more than 20 years of unremitting struggle, deeply trusted by customers. As the Top 5 manufacturer of design, development and mass sales of electric reach   forklifts in China, we have been producing and developing electric reach forklift since 2002, so far, more than 10000+pcs electric reach forklifts (included stand-on type 1.2T,stand-on type 1.5T &2T &2.5T &3T, seated type 1.6T and 2T) have been serving all walks of life around the world. The domestic market share of this kind of products is far ahead, occupying the leading position in this field. In the future, MiMA electric forklift will continue to uphold the core values of honesty and trustworthiness, diligence and pragmatism, innovation and customer achievement. Strive for the most full of enthusiasm to serve customers, create higher value for customers!

Full range of material handling equipment design and manufacturing 20+ years!
Focus on narrow aisle intensive storage electric reach forklift for 15years!
Over Ten thousand electric reach forklifts serve customers in various industries!

Very Narrow Aisle Forklift /Long Material Handling / Heavy-duty Handling /AGV Forklift Body
MFZ seated reach truck

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